About me

My name is Lukáš Doležal. I was born in 1989 in large city in Czech Republic as a fourth child.

My interest in computers starts with our first computer at home in my 10 years. I was excited how many screens it had and how many things I can explore. But yes, I liked car and puzzle games the most.

Later I started attending to computer lessons at my primary school. There I discovered how are programs created and wrote my first simple games like snake or tennis. It definitely determined my next steps.

I was accepted to private high school of information technologies. There I met great people with I still work time to time. After passing final examination I stand in the front of much more complicated decision. I needed to choose if I want to be more technician or more mathematician.

I choose the second one and I enrolled into study of computer science on Faculty of Math and Physics of Charles University in Prague. During later grades of study I started to do part time jobs that helped me to quickly gain necessary practical knowledge and experience.  I successfully obtained Bachelor’s degree at the end of 2013 with thesis focused on making personal time management easier and intelligent.

After that I went to TechPeaks people accelerator in Trento, Italy. I joint very ambitious team there and we won the grant allowing us to be one year in lovely Italy and work on our success. So now I’m part of PRONTO, company aiming to bring simplicity and quality to food delivery.

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