Introducing Time Heroic – Your heroic time tracker

Recently, I had problem to remember what the hell I was doing all the time. So I decided that I need somehow track my time. I searched few of existing tools, both on-line and desktop, like Harvest ( or Hamster for Gnome (since I use Linux desktop). But they feel confusing and complicated to me.

Beside it, we are struggling with underestimations of needed time for our projects in company where I work. But we had no data to analyse why and actually how much we underestimates it. So I come up with idea to make tool that lets me set what I am going to do now and what is my estimation of how long it will take me to done that task.

By that I would track how much time I spend on what, plus I would get more info about how my estimations are wrong.

Public release!

So I’m glad to present You a public release of this tool I called Time Heroic. It’s an alpha version, so it is meant to proof concept of the tool:

I am looking forward for Your opinions!