Action Bomberman game

Bomberman like game created as a seminar work during my computer science studies. It has multiplayer on the same computer and artificiall inteligence players.


ActionBombermanSnímek obrazovky (2011-11-09 14-47-08)


  • Graphics from KDE granatier game
  • Multiplayer game on one keyboard
  • Multiplatform, it can be build for Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • Computer players with artificiall inteligence.


  • C++
  • Qt Framework
  • SVG

Project on GitHub

(Unofficial) Animated logo of Computer Graphics Group of Faculty of Math and Physics

Syntetic (programmed) animation of Computer Graphics Group logo of Faculty of Math and Physics of Charles University in Prague. Created during my computer science studies.

Task was to write source code that will handle the animation. Given were coordinates, size and colors of circles of the original 2D logo. No manual definition of keyframes was used.


  • C#
  • OpenTK