Invoice manager Fakturace

Simple creation and evidence of invoices. Targeting to freelancers and small businesses.



I created this program for my own purpose, but it can be useful for others. Now there are many of online solutions for managing invoices, but in the time it was created everybody uses either Excel or expensive accounting software.

Technical challenges were to make program load fast, so indexed file was created. Program also provides API for creating storage modules and invoice numbering modules.

It is one of my first work in .NET C#.


  • Integrated environment for creating and storing invoices
  • List of often costumers
  • Fast start
  • Fast searching in invoice archive
  • Ability to use old invoice as a template for new one
  • Storage is in industry standartized XML format


  • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher or Mono runtime 3.0 or higher

Project on GitHub

Download Fakturace